Welcome to Traffic Peddlers!

Traffic Peddlers was founded by Danelle and Ben Pickett, a brother and sister dynamic duo. Growing up we were raised in a family business, and at a young age experienced the struggles and triumphs that every business faces. These invaluable lessons paved the path to what would lead to Traffic Peddlers. Our goal is to be an advocate for both consumers and businesses, while helping strengthen the communities where we live and shop. Traffic Peddlers provides the solution by offering affordable and high quality advertising and printing, in addition to free coupons for consumers.

Who is Traffic Peddlers?

Our Company Mission
At Traffic Peddlers, our mission is to help consumers and business owners save money, creating a win-win scenario. Through discounted quality printing, business owners can afford to print more. The majority of the time it is in the form of a coupon or discount specifically for the customer. Additionally, we offer free on-line advertising of coupons, which saves marketing dollars and the savings is passed directly to the consumer.
The Traffic Peddlers’ Philosophy
Our grandfather would always quote proverbs, “haste makes waste and wait (weight) is what broke the bridge down.” As children, we did not understand, but today as a company, we can pass on the benefits of this wisdom. By planning your next project in advance, Traffic Peddlers will show you how you can have quality and save money at the same time!
Traffic Peddlers – The Name Defined
A peddler by definition is a person who sells from door to door or someone who tries to promote some cause. In our case, the cause we want to promote is your business! We don’t guarantee to automatically create more traffic for your businesses, but at the end of the day we hope that the savings we pass on to you, trickles down to the consumer and builds a bigger and stronger customer base.
We Can Deliver On Projects
Whether you are just getting started and need to order your first set of business cards, or if you are a large chain getting ready to launch a new product or location, we can facilitate your printing needs. We have experience working with companies of all sizes.

Our Crazy Skills

Designing 85%
Printing 95%
Coupons 70%
Advertising 80%
Have fun! 100%

Meet Our Team

Danelle Pickett

Danelle PickettCreative Director
After Ginger Spice left the group, Danelle toured with the Spice Girls for a year as Creative Spice. During this time, Danelle was emersed in the design aspects of the marketing and advertising of the group’s world domination. Please note, Danelle was never actually part of the Spice Girls, but Ben did destroy a Spice Girl’s CD back in 1996 as a result of Danelle playing it continuously.
Ben Pickett

Ben PickettDirector of Sales and Recruiting
When Ben is not hanging out with celebrities, shopping on craigslist for guitars or playing basketball, you can find him hard at work. Please note, Ben has never met Toby Keith, but if and when he does, I am sure it will be on the red carpet at the CMT awards.


Our Happy Clients

Our Happy Clients